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Nathalie Fougeras participant

NETROOMS by Pedro Rebelo


Dan Wilcox  (Stream1) – Pittsburgh
Julian Jaramillo (Stream2) – Belfast
Paul Doornbusch (Stream3) – New Zealand
Björn Eriksson (Stream4) – Sweden
Victor Reijs (Stream5)
Soongyo Kwon (Stream6) – NY
Pauline Oliveros (Stream7) – NY
Kala Pierson (Stream8)
Daniel Capo (Stream9)
Alejo Duque (Stream10)
Nathalie Fougeras (Stream11) – Sweden
Ken Fields (Stream12) – Copenhagen
























NETROOMS participation room, micro, loudspeaker ..

5 sept. 2011 12.30 CEST time  

By Pedro Rebelo The Long Feedback is a participative network piece. Netrooms celebrates the private acoustic environment as defined by the space between one audio input (microphone) and output (loudspeaker). The performance of the piece consists of live mixing a feedback loop with the signals from each stream.
Format Performance: 10 and 20 minutes.

Stream on Lab room & window interactive installation – street walkers by Daniel Nilsson, Nathalie Fougeras